Jen Hodge’s Multi-Talented All Stars

The packed house audience at the Music School on Saturday night watched (and listened!) in amazement as the 7 musicians of Jen Hodge’s All Stars brought us a wide selection of jazz. In addition to Jen Hodge on bass, we had Brad Turner on trumpet, Joe Abbott (little Pender Harbour connection there!) on clarinet, Bonnie Northgraves on piano, Kelby MacNayr on drums, Sky Lambourne on trombone, and Jack Ray on banjo. All impressed with their vocal talents over the course of the evening.

They gave us everything from classics that Sidney Bechet either did or didn’t write to originals written by the Band members to an intricate arrangement of “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess that left the audience breathless. All took vocal solos and just for fun, the piano player and trumpet player switched places – and instruments – for the last two numbers!! The stage was hardly big enough for all that talent.